ipsy?? What is ipsy??

So I have been seeing all of these  ipsy posts on facebook as of late and even had a few pop-ups on random sites.  I finally last night decided to checkout the webpage for ipsy and discovered that for just $10.00/month (free shipping) you can have exclusive beauty finds, tailored to your preference,  sent once a month to your front door (errrr mailbox).  How in the world have I missed this for so long!?  Seriously!  I have tried the monthly JustFab (shoes) and I am currently enrolled in Kate Hudson’s wear (more on this later), but somehow I missed this amazingly affordable concept!  What woman wouldn’t love this!?  I have decided to signup for  ipsy and give it a go!  It all starts with a short 3 minute quiz so you are matched with the products that are tailored to your preferences. First up is skin tone, are you fair-light-medium-tan/olive-dark-deep? Next up is eye color; do you have brown, hazel, blue, green, amber, grey, violet, or other?  On to hair Color, then styles that best describe the looks you are interested in, which ipsy stylist could you relate to most, how comfortable are you with makeup, how adventurous are you with makeup, which beauty brands do you love or are you willing to try, which type of makeup products do you love the most, which types of skincare, haircare, and nailcolor products do you love the most, where do you usually shop for beauty products, how would you describe your skin concerns, and lastly how would you describe your hair.  Once you finish the quiz and register your form of payment you are brought to your profile page where it seems you can post pics, videos, and reviews for the products used.  My first ipsy bag is scheduled to arrive just in time for Halloween!  I have obviously decided to blog about my experience with ipsy.  From signup to the arrival of my monthly samples and the trial and error of the products received.  I will post the good and the bad, the embarrassing, and the miracle products I receive from ipsy.  Stay tuned…or beware…we shall see.